Coda: 4 Loopable Dances
     From Pitch Jumper, a FIEA graduate capstone game. Dance animations that didn't make it into the game; pressing the directional buttons (up, down, left, right) in a quick time event would make Coda dance each appropriate directional dance. Each dance loops and transitions to any other dance, making each dance unique.

11-Second Club July Contest Submission
     My submission for the 11-Second Club, "Change of Heart." I used the Eleven and Morpheus rigs.

Coda: Pitch Jumper Reel
     A collection of animations for the mobile game Pitch Jumper! Starring Coda, that weird green guy that I rigged as well.

Motion Capture Cleanup
     Working with motion capture data to create realistic animations. I also put on the mocap suit for the data capture.

Jessie and Tank: Intrepid Reel
     A little girl and her corgi go spelunking in this puzzle-adventure capstone game that was eventually cut. Nevertheless, I still had a great time animating these two; the tandem animations were especially challenging freehand.

Box Forts
     My undergraduate graduating class's capstone project, an animated short film about two kids whose friendly competition to outdo each other's box forts begins to escalate.

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